Stylish Refillable Lighters With Butane Lighter Refill: Gifts That Light Up Faces


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Even though it has been a while since the gift of fire has been revolutionary, everyone still loves the soft and warm atmosphere of a lighted room. Candles are collected by many, and collectors who have all of the votives they can possibly light in a lifetime, need to accessorize. Designer lighters, paired with a butane lighter refill, are a unique spin on what to gift a flame frenzied friend, family member or partner. Refillable lighters which have been crafted to exude elegance, style and a long lasting quality, with a replacement butane lighter refill, will surprise any candle collector. They may not even know yet just how fun candles can be, when they have a designer lighter, and butane lighter refill to accessorize.

The Most Talked About Lighters and Butane Lighter Refill


Picture the typical plastic candle, fireplace or barbeque lighter, with its nearly disposable quality, plain, uninspired look, and uncomfortable grip. These lighters are put back into the drawer immediately after the candles are lit. They are not a true part of what the candle experience can be. Now imagine a lighter that has Swarovski crystals on the handle, or contrast stitching with a leather vinyl grip. The difference between having a designer lighter with a butane lighter refill ready to go, and the typical barbeque lighter, places these two products worlds apart.

Stylish candle lighters and their butane lighter refill, is the type of gift that is put out on display. Many candle enthusiasts will even want to collect the designer candle lighters, and have a butane lighter refill always ready to go, to match their theme or place setting at a party or event. As far as gift giving goes, it is reasonable to think, “Can I really hand my Mom or girlfriend a lighter and butane lighter refill?” The answer is, absolutely. Designer lighters arrive packaged in silk gift boxes, decorated with handmade beads. The butane lighter refill will be greatly appreciated when it is time to refill. Having one of these elegant lighters constantly on the go will be a must-have. Everyone who tries the candle lighters swear by them, and insist that they can never go back!

Where to Buy Designer Lighters and the Butane Lighter Refill

Accept no imitation. Social Light’s refillable lighters and butane lighter refill is the original designer candle lighter. The candle lighter collection is offered in four elegant lines of quality craftsmanship in the: The Oxford, Versailles, Geneva and Manhattan Excalibur collections. They can be found locally, purchased wholesale and of course, the butane lighter refill can be found through Social Light too, to complete this charming gift. If the gift recipient happens to be eco-conscious then proudly let them know that their wishes to be environmentally friendly has been honored. The candle lighters and butane lighter refill is an environmentally friendly product. The company has social and environmental initiatives. Where their candle accessories and butane lighter refill is concerned, Social Light constantly works toward waste reduction, and fair manufacturing. This is a product, and company which is truly on fire!

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