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Everyone who has lived through a wedding can tell you just how lighting can make or break your ceremony. The funny thing is, is that no matter where you decide to hold the ceremony, be it church or mosque, indoors or out, the lighting already in place guarantees you one thing. That is, you will need to have your own lighting source(s) to correct the poor lighting situation you may be facing.

To get from a wedding fantasy to a dream come true all you will have to do is find the right source of lighting. This is where party rental lighting comes in handy. It is not feasible or even possible to install new lighting wherever you are having your ceremony. With rental lighting you can get as much extra light as you wish and without the messy and expensive construction costs.

The reasons to go with party rental lighting are numerous. The proper lighting can help make the wedding dcor much softer and more beautiful. It can also help to showcase such dcor. It may even come in handy for highlighting your cake and decorations. When it comes to wedding photos proper lighting is a must. How would you like to find out that the professional photographer took two rolls of film only to have a couple of pictures come out due to poor lighting?


Another thing to consider is how much fun would a wedding reception be without some cool lighting to help everyone feel at ease and entertained? You could have a different colored light for each special dance. From the first dance with the bride and groom to the more funny mother-in-law/ son-in-law dance, how could you not want just the right lighting?

There are many ways you can use party rental lights to dress, or jazz, up your wedding. Just think about the effect you could get by placing gel lights in with potted plants. You could achieve a wonderful effect just by spotlighting your centerpieces or even your wedding cake with a soft light.

Keep in mind that you dont want to overdo things. Too much direct light is a bad thing. You can rent backlights and table skirt lights for a bit more indirect lighting effect. Another option to consider is using light projectors to project images like stars, clouds or more across the room. This would be great when playing slow dance music. You and your wedding guests would feel transported.

There are so many ways that rental lighting can help make your wedding a day of joy and perfection that you will always treasure. From adding that just right touch to the plants present at the ceremony to decking out the dance floor at your reception, lighting can help in so many ways. The only thing you really have to know is where to go to get the best deal on rental lighting. With just a little bit of work you will find just what you need and at a price you can afford.

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