Lift Chairs: Providing Assistance And Increasing Independence


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Electric lift chairs are a piece of equipment that has changed the lives of many individuals. These are great for helping an elderly or disabled person to stand up after sitting for any amount of time. A lift chair can slowly rise high enough off the floor to allow its occupant to stand easily by simply placing his/her feet on the ground. If you are in need of one of these, then continue reading this article.

The higher the price is for an automatic chair, the more features it often has. Each variety comes with a different price range and some even offer a higher weight limit. Most automated chairs are able to hold from 375 to 450 pounds. For larger individuals, there are chairs that can hold a person weighing up to 700 pounds.

There are two and three position automatic chairs, each of which provides comfortable sitting and reclining. The two position chair isn’t able to recline all the way back, while the three position chair can lay flat. Many of the infinite variations will allow the occupant to raise his/her feet above heart level. This is often a requirement for many medical conditions.


These automatic chairs can be quite pricey. A low-end chair can be around 400 dollars, while the higher-end versions cost in the thousands. The government will provide a small credit to go towards one of these special chairs if a person meets the right criteria.

These chairs can be considered safety hazards when not used correctly. Most manufacturers apply certain features to make this chair safer and eliminate the number of injuries that can occur. There are cushions that can be added to a regular chair and provide a little bit of lift, if an automatic chair isn’t able to be purchased.

Regaining mobility is a concern for many individuals who have lost some or a lot. Besides the automatic chairs that help people stand up on their own, there are also stair lifts and scooters that provide additional opportunity to gain even the slightest bit of mobility back. Not only is more mobility possible, but also a greater amount of independence.

The invention of lift chairs has changed the lives of many people around the world. These people would have otherwise been highly dependent on someone else for assistance, thus reducing their personal independence.

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