By Max Hill

In other articles we have considered the fantastic ‘lower bowel tonic’ of Dr John Christopher, which is a herbal ‘cascara compound’. Though it can often work fantastically by itself, it works best if accompanied by other natural supports. Two of these are Psyllium Husks and a quality bowel flora supplement.

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium provides a type of fibre – and we have all heard that fibre is good for bowel function. However, not all fibre is the same. Mention fibre and many people think of bran. The trouble with bran is that it scratches the bowel, which is not a good thing. It is better to have a lubricating type of fibre such as that provided by Psyllium Husks. This is why Psyllium has become so popular.

Psyllium Husks are available as powder; but be sure to get the type with no additives – just check the ingredients list. Powder is the cheapest way to use psyllium. Just take a teaspoon or so, stir it vigorously into a mugful or glassful of water or fruit juice and drink it down quickly – before it starts to thicken. You have about 5 seconds to do this before it is really thick!

This slight rigmarole is why many people go for Psyllium Husk Capsules, rather than the powder. If you do take capsules remember to take a glass of water or juice with them as they do absorb a lot of water and you don’t want them to ‘clump up’ in your stomach.


Bowel Flora Capsules

The other product which supplements Dr Christopher’s herbal ‘cascara compound’ is a quality bowel flora supplement. When getting a bowel flora product you need to get a quality one. This is because good bowel flora needs to:

– Survive the trip through the stomach acid to the colon, or bowel

– ‘Adhere’ to the colon wall once it gets there

– Reproduce effectively, once it has adhered

The best strains of bowel flora have been carefully researched and tested and are patented so that this research cannot be stolen. This all costs extra, of course, but it is the reason it is worth paying more for a good bowel flora supplement.

Many people have a deficiency of good bowel flora. This produces an excess of the ‘bad’ bowel flora which not only smothers the good type but also produces toxins which leach back into the body – a double negative.

Supplementing the good bacteria with capsules of a good quality flora is one good way to try to restore the correct balance of good bacteria to bad which should be present in the bowel.

Dr Christopher’s Cascara Compound Work Best With ‘Extras’

It is very good to combining Psyllium Husks and a good bowel flora supplement with Dr Christopher’s herbal ‘cascara compound’. This makes the fantastic herbal formula even more effective. Look out for a 90-day herbal programme for the colon.

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