Choosing G.E.T. Melamine Dinnerware and Serving Ware


J Breeden

Melamine is an economical alternative to china. Available in many options ranging from traditional colors and beautiful Asian inspired patterns to wonderfully modern and dramatic colors, shapes, and styles, melamine plates, bowls, and other dinnerware components are available in as many different sizes and shapes as traditional china is. Popular styles from G.E.T. include plain white melamine, square melamine, colored melamine, and Asian inspired melamine. As you make your choice, keep in mind that ordering bulk melamine sets can reduce costs greatly. Discounts may be available on G.E.T. Melamine Display and Serving Ware – be sure to check before finalizing your purchase.


Display and Serving Ware Display and serving Ware is an important part of any food service operation. G.E.T. offers a number of different colors, shapes, and styles to complement the dishes you present. Dishwasher safe, and often available in cases containing three or more serving platters, this is an economical option. Ovals and squares are popular shapes, and high-capacity round bowls or bowls with squared edges are ideal for presenting salads on buffet tables. Stone-look melamine displays are food safe and allow you to bring the look of the great outdoors to your buffet table. With choices ranging from upscale to classic functional designs, these allow you to liven up your buffet with very little effort. Dinnerware No matter what kind of food you specialize in, you need dinnerware to serve it. Classic shapes and styles, including round plates and square plates, soup bowls and salad bowls are in most cases essential for serving the many different items on your menu. While some designs are quite basic and plain, others have a striking appearance that is simply irresistible. Contemporary designs and styles inspired by Asian fine art continue to be popular with all types of dining establishments. Dishwasher safe in most cases, this dinnerware is great for busy operations, as it is durable enough to withstand accidents that would cause china to break. Some models even come with warranties against breakage. To Go Containers Durable, classy, and reusable, environmentally friendly to go containers, made from recycled plastic, are the wave of the future. Available as clamshells and half clamshells, sturdy buckets, compartmented containers, Asian inspired takeout containers and more, these to-go containers not only look and feel much more upscale than standard styrofoam or paper, they help to ease the impact waste has on the planet because they are made from recycled material, sturdy enough to be reusable, and finally, recyclable.

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