By Aimee Winters

Stretch marks are more common that you think. In fact, stretch marks are a plague to not only women, but men and children as well. The bad news is that you cannot remove stretch marks 100%, but the good news is that you can treat, cure and reduce them till they are barely visible.

Basically, stretch marks are created when the skin is suddenly stretched, the reduces back to it’s normal size. The stretched part of the skin however has lost it’s elasticity and forms a “bump” scar line that is visible.

It can also happen for both men and women due to rapid weight gain and body-building, as expanding muscles or fat can stretch the skin. When the skin stretched to the extreme, the tiny shin fibers tear up. Besides that, body changes and development such as pregnancy and puberty may also be responsible.

As the saying goes, prevention is the best cure. But most people are ignorant about stretch marks until they can see clear visible lines on their body. By this time however it’s too late. In most cases if you apply the right cream to you skin and drink lots of water, it should be in a condition good enough to keep it elastic. However, those who gain their stretch marks via heredity genes are unlikely to prevent or even diminish it.

One popular way to reduce the appearance of lines is by using stretch mark creams and lotions. It’s a slow process no doubt, but safe and affordable. Creams and lotions for stretch marks can be easily obtained at supermarkets, pharmacies or even purchased online.

The Mustela brand stretch marks cream for example, costs only about $39 online. It actively stimulates the skin cells and favors tissue regeneration, with AHA, silicium and vitamin B5. Other brands worth taking a look at are Decleor’s “Perfect Sculpt” stretch mark restructuring gel cream and HydroPeptide’s Full Body Anti Aging Moisturizer which really helps a lot in terms of repairing or curing your stretch marks.

Products such as the Mama Mio tummy rub oil, a specialist product which that helps prevent the formation of stretch marks, are very popular among pregnant women. Pregnancy is a very critical time for your body, and the chances of stretch marks forming during this period is high, even if you do not already have a history of stretch marks.

If it’s already too late to prevent them, you can also look at other possible methods of stretch marks removal like stretch mark vitamins, laser surgery, collagen, cocoa butter and even some traditional home remedies.

If all else fails you can still cover up your stretch marks using tattoos. It doesn’t have to be permanent – you can always use a temporary tattoo that is washable. It’s perfect for special occasions where your stretch marks will be visible to everyone. Now instead of displaying ugly lines, you have a piece of art on your body which is also a great conversation starter!

So really, don’t worry about stretch marks. You’ll be shocked to know that even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and many others had stretch marks at some point. It’s just a part of your body’s natural functions and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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